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             Spring Returns: Let The Good Times Roll…Strollers And Their Babies                    

Spring has returned with an invitation to come outside and enjoy the fresh air. Winter’s ice and snow have melted away-- gone forever like bad memories, the sidewalks and streets are dry, clear, and passable. Green replaces brown as the color of the local landscape. The Sun is shining bright; there is a fresh crispness in the air as gentle breezes enter through the newly opened windows delivering the invitation. The temperatures hover around sixty degrees. Parents read the invitation again: “Come, come outside and play, enjoy the outdoors with me”…signed “Spring”.

Mothers and Fathers, who have safely bundled up their babies and toddlers with layers of clothes during the winter months and carried them over the ice and snow, begin to slowly return to the neighborhood sidewalk and streets, parks, and malls, pushing their small babies along in their strollers. New parents or parents-to-be begin to shop for baby strollers so they can join other neighborhood moms or dads who set out for the great outdoors in response to spring’s invitation.

Life and people like the budding bushes, flowers, and trees reappear in neighborhoods adding themselves to the mosaic street scenes of springtime. The exercising, health minded parents, in steady paces push their baby or babies in their single or double jogging strollers putting in their scheduled run for the day.

The cyclist enthusiasts lovingly secure their precious little ones in the bike trailers already attached to their choice of transportation, and pedal their way around the neighborhood in streets and on sideways with destinations unknown. Their babies and toddlers in their safety compartment enjoy the nice fresh air from their modern day “horse-driven” carriage that they have been deprived of all winter long.

With only a sweater or jacket as needed outerwear, they regally take in the sights and sounds of the beautiful fresh spring views as the gentle breezes caress their little faces through the screened windows of the enclosed cart. Mom or dad supplies the “horsepower” in front of them as they enjoy their “royal ride” through neighborhood of the local stately mansions.

Elsewhere, neighborhood moms, with Spring’s invitation in hand and the other hand on a stroller, join each other leisurely pushing their infants along side by side in single or double umbrella strollers sharing their stories of motherhood, and how they survived the winter doldrums being locked up indoors all season long. Each new breath of spring’s fresh air is really a sigh of relief of freedom for these winter prisoners. Off to the local park they go to join other proud parents to present their blessed children to each other (maybe for the first time), share parenting strategies and techniques, and catch up on the latest happenings in their neighborhoods.

Strollers these days come in many brand names, such BOB, Maclaren, TikeTech, and Bugaboo with different models that cater to sports minded parents, all-terrain, walking, jogging, cycling or hybrids.

There are wide varieties of shapes and sizes for single, double, or triple passengers. They have umbrella type coverings, retractable canopies, prams, open air types, or enclosed cabins. Like in a paint store the colors are plentiful. There are three wheelers and four wheelers. There are set wheels and swivel wheels.

They may have one carrying compartment or multiple compartments for the journey’s needed cargo. There’s something to meet every parent’s need to safely share the lovely outdoors and warm weather with their precious little child or children.

So let the good times roll as moms and dads, walking, jogging, or biking return to the sidewalks and streets of our neighborhoods; and remind us all to look for that invitation to enjoy the outdoors, the fresh air, and the new life all around us, especially when we peek into those strollers to get a glimpse of the cute little babies who are their passengers.

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Car Seats For Your Baby And Toddler

Car accidents have been known to be one of the main causes of deaths among teenagers and most especially children. This is the reason why parents should take extra care in making sure that their children are safe when they are inside a vehicle, whether it may be moving or parked. With this need for car safety for children, car seats were invented and introduced.

Over the years, they have grown to be more popular as more and more parents have taken caution and have recognized their importance. There are however different types available in the market and each one correspond to a specific child age group or where some opine it is the weight of the child that gives the more decisive basis for getting the right type. It is important that parents know this in order to get the right car seat that is appropriate for their babies and their toddler.

For babies, the parents should get a baby car seat that is rearward facing. This kind can hold room for babies that are aged from birth up to 12 or 15 months, whose weight can be as heavy as 10 kilograms or 22 pounds until 13 kilograms or 29 pounds. Babies are more out of harm's way if they are protected as they are facing the rear of the car and cosseted by the seat. With a rear facing car seat safely securing them in, they are cushioned from the bumps and jolts that the stirring car may go through. The seat shields and supports the head, the neck and the spine of the baby. It is preferred to place this rear facing car seats in the rear as compared to placing them in the front of the car. It is advised to never place it in front when the car has a passenger airbag as this could suffocate the child; hurting them instead of keeping them safe. It is recommended that you use rearward facing baby car seats for as long as your baby can fit on it. You will know your baby needs to move on to a bigger one if her head is as high or even higher than the crown of the car seat or if her weight is or has already exceeded the maximum.

As your child outgrows his rear facing seat, you need now to get her a forward facing one. This type can hold a toddler of 9 to 18 kilograms or around 20 to 40 pounds, whose age could be between 9 months to 4 years old. The important factor with forward facing kids car seats is the harness that keeps the child safe in place. This should prevent the child from sliding off or bouncing in front out of the chair in case there is a collision or if dad accidentally puts on the brakes too hard. Just the same, it is favored that this seat be placed in the rear and to keep your toddler in such a seat until his age or his weight tells you to move on to the next level.

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