Cookie's Department Stores was founded in New York in 1975. Today Cookie has expanded into 7 stores carrying brand name clothing for children, preteens and teens.

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Brand names offered include....
  • Akademics
  • Apple Bottoms
  • Chams                                                                                                        
  • Dickies
  • LRG
  • pelepele.....AND MANY MORE

Merchandise offered includes....
  • Outerwear
  • Jeans
  • Pants
  • Jackets
  • Sweaters                                                                                
  • Hoodies
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Suits
  • Dress Shirts
  • Dress Pants
  • Pyjamas
  • Shoes                                                                                                  
  • Nightgowns
  • Sox
  • Scarves
  • Underwear....AND MUCH MORE

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Bare Necessities is the leading Internet specialty retailer for brand name and designer bras, lingerie, shapewear, hosiery and men's underwear.

With an experience of over 40 years you can be sure to find the best training bras & sport bras for preteens and teens.


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As seen on the Oprah Show choose from....                                      

  • Miraclebody jeans
  • Oprah bras
  • Camisole

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In addition to training and sport bras Bare Necessities offers....

  • Wide selection of bras sizes 30A - 56H                                                             
  • Panties
  • Hosiery
  • Shapewear
  • T-shirts
  • Sleepwear
  • Men's underwear

Choose from more than 125 top brands including....
  • Bali
  • Calvin Klein
  • DKNY
  • Givenchy
  • Jockey
  • Patagonia....

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Teen Bras - Shopping Tips For Moms And Teens

There are several names for teen bras. They are called training bras, first bras, a starter bra, bralets and even preteen bras. Girls usually start wanting (or needing) preteen or teen lingerie between the ages of eleven and thirteen. Even if they have barely begun to develop physically, emotionally most young girls feel they have to be wearing one.

The first bra needs to be comfortable, versatile, and well fitted. Attractive colors and a bit of lace will make her feel more feminine and attractive. Support is as important now as it will be when her body has matured more, but this is a good time for her to learn how to properly fit herself for the correct bras size.

Many department stores have saleswomen that have been trained in proper bras sizing. However, many preteens feel far more comfortable trying on bras and experimenting with their peers, so let them do it, Mom. Set some guidelines regarding acceptable teen bras and teen lingerie choices and price, and then let them go.

Here are a few tips that might help them in their first bras shopping experience:
  • The part that wraps around the body is called the bra band size, and is sized in numbers, such as 30-32-34-36. Too tight and it will hurt. Too loose and it will ride up.
  • The bras cup is measured in letters, such as AA-A-B-C-D. Too tight and you will bulge out the top or flatten out and bulge out the side. If the cup is too large, it will wrinkle and make lines under your clothes.
  • If a teenage bras is snug, go up one size and try hooking it on the last set of hooks. The bra cups may now be too large, so you might have to go down one size in the cup. But if that is still not a good fit, try another style or brand. Often you have to change the bra band or cup size when you change from one bra style to another.
  • Check out the bra straps. If they are too long, you are not getting the proper support, and the cups may sag. If you have them too short, the back of the bra will creep up. If the straps have been adjusted to the correct length, the bra cups will be lifted comfortably, and the bras band will stay straight across the middle of your back.
  • All day comfort is very important. Do the bra strap adjustments fall at the top of your shoulders where they will show under your t-shirts and cause pressure when you are carrying a shoulder bag or backpack? Did you choose an underwire bra or one with side stays that may dig into you if you have to sit long hours in a classroom?
  • Think about a teen sports bra. While they do have a tendency to compress the breast, they offer wonderful support for active teens who are into sports, dancing, etc.

Whichever training bras or preteen lingerie you choose, buy one at a time. The best way to know if it is the right first bra is to wear it for a full day. You never want to have to many teen bras at first, because your bras size is going to change frequently until you are fully grown.

Carmen Petitclerc is a Toronto lingerie designer and enthusiast from Toronto who loves lingerie. Follow her insider lingerie tips, useful advise, lingerie blog on what is new and happening in the world of lingerie, and her comprehensive lingerie guide at

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    How to Develop a Love For Learning in Your Children

    How do you develop a love for learning in your children, no matter what their age? Looking for a way to spark their creativity and eagerness to read and explore the world around them? How do you grab their attention from the earliest age and keep them motivated through all their school years? Here are a few tips from a mother of four kids, ages 2-20.

    First, introduce them to books and music as a baby in the womb. Read and talk to them while they are still inside of you. Put them to bed each night with classical music, nature sounds, or soothing, world music. From babyhood on, always provide age appropriate reading material. For the youngest babies, try books with faces and illustrations in black and white. Hold them close as you read to them, pointing out things as you go. Let them begin to associate reading with warm and cozy feelings.

    As they grow, add books with textures that stimulate their senses. Add board books with simple text and illustrations that they can hold themselves as they get bigger. Pick familiar topics like bath time or meal time or books about family. If you live in the city or the country, choose simple books that reflect everyday life around you. Begin to help your baby to connect what the story is saying to what is happening around them. Around age one or eighteen months, make a "book nook" for your toddler. Layer an old soft blanket preferably in a corner surrounded with their favorite stuffed animals and some sturdy books. Lead them to the area at first and sit with them enjoying some great books and snuggle time. You will see that soon they will start going to their special place on their own.

    You will watch as they begin to pick up the books on their own and start to "read." As they approach their second birthday, you can start adding simple learning titles to their routine. ABC, color and counting books are good at this age. Also by age two, they will probably have developed some interests of their own like animals, trucks or bugs. If so, try to expand on their natural interests. The more you can repeat topics, the more learning takes place. For instance, if they like bugs and you read about bugs, try adding a trip outdoors with a magnifying glass and an art project coloring bug pictures.

    As they reach the preschool years, you can continue to focus on titles and topics that they choose and expand activities to help reinforce those ideas. Art projects are great for helping children to experience learning in a different way. Fostering their creativity with art contributes to the development of their right brain and gives them a chance to use their small motor skills as well as showing them new perspectives on familiar topics. Also through the preschool years, you can add sticker books, wipe-off materials, and puzzles. Simple games like matching and sorting help develop early math skills and let kids see how learning is fun and exciting. All through the early years, visit your local story time at the library where they can get used to the social aspect of learning. Take everyday moments, like shopping or cooking meals to introduce and practice basic math, reading and verbal skills.

    As your children reach school age, you will probably begin to their individual styles of learning. Some will get more from reading a book, another will learn more through listening to learning CD, and another will do better building a project. Recognize and encourage your child's strengths and differences. Tie their interests into family trips, movies, and projects around the house with different reading material. Give magazine subscriptions on their favorite subjects for gifts. Let them decorate them room according to their favorite themes and incorporate learning with pricing materials, practical skills, matching items, and organizing belongings.

    Most importantly, combining learning with the natural personality, interests and learning style of each child helps them to celebrate their own uniqueness and helps them connect with the world in ways that are meaningful to them. That is where real learning and joy begin. Using these ideas will help develop a love of learning in your children and will motivate them to find new and creative ways to increase their knowledge as they grow.

    My name is Karen King and I believe in promoting literacy among today's youth. For more information on these fantastic products, check out our website below.
    Usborne Children's Books

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